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Music Composition: Ipamalita Sa Iba


Ipamalita Sa Iba

(To the Tune of “Pass it On”)

Lyrics By Arnold Miguel

  (A Sabbath Special Music Offering sung by Analiz Miguel)

 D                                   F#m

Kailangan ng munting kislap

G                                     A

Upang apoy ay magpatuloy

D                                   F#m

At lahat ng nakaikot sa init

G                          A

Ay magiginhawaan


G                    A7     D                          

Ganyan ang pag-ibig ng Ama

 Em7        F#m  Bm

Pag iyong nadama

G                   Dsus4     D

Ang nais Niya,ibahagi at

 G-D-A        D

Ipamalita sa iba


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