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rose-griefThis is the last of the poetry series written by Mrs. Ofelia  Limpoco-Magat that speaks to our inner thoughts and emotions as we mourn the passing of one of the pioneers in the Church of God Philippines, Mrs. Priscilla A. Cardona




Death comes…

                in the hour least expected according to its own order.

Death comes…

                like a thief in the night, stealing valuable treasure.

Death comes…

                leaving behind the aura of sorrow

                                for the beloved sleep a deep sleep.


LIFE awaits in the world beyond

                RESSURECTION to every man

                                according to God’s purpose and plan.

What a magnificent world, beyond man’s dream

                where God is Lord and King

                where there is joy, peace and love divine

                         for every good and law abiding mind.


Wipe all your tears and live your life,

                Seek for that goal which leads to eternal life.


Thee, My Beloved

flower-butterfly XI



Why does one brave the biting colds of the night,

                the pangs of loneliness, and bear self-imprisonment?

It is because after the cold night comes the warmth of the day,

                after the pains of loneliness comes joy,

                after   imprisonment, freedom?

Or is it because in faith and hope there is patience,

                in patience, endurance, and

                in endurance, there is triumph?

Beloved, because of Thee, my existence has meaning,

Through Thee I have learned that love is giving, sharing joys

                and dividing sorrows; and not getting, not possessing,

                not self-centered;

Through Thee I have seen the beauty of creation

                as I viewed reality on top of a hill,

                the lake so calm and serene,

                the massive and grand mountains,

                the evergreen fields and the wide plains

                as I strolled among the flowers;

                as I travelled with a friend;

                as I watched the morning sunrise;

                as I waited for the golden sunset.

Through Thee I have a song to sing, a story to tell.

Through Thee I have known the full meaning of LOVE and LIFE.

Beloved, my love for Thee will never end for love transcends

                life, for thou art infinite,

                my love for Thee is pure and clean, honest and sincere,

                for Thou have loved me first and cuddled me.

Beloved, my waiting for Thee is not in vain

                for Thou have given me Thy word and Thy promise

                to make Thy bride in Thy Kingdom of Love.

Poetry: Aftermath of a Storm




After the shedding of tears from heaven,

appears the clear blue sky with silver linings.


Houses whose foundations are strong were cleansed,

trees whose roots are deep were watered.


How wonderful is the dawning light shining, brighter and brighter ,

till the full orb of the day.


How beautiful in the budding plant growing in freshness, boldness,

till it becomes a full grown tree.


How fragrant is the blossoming flower spreading its aroma and beauty,

till its sweetness fills the air.


Only after a storm can one appreciates the splendor of a brand new day,

with faith, hope in one’s heart.





When the planet earth moves in tune with the music of the universe

And patiently obeys its laws, there is harmony and peace.


But, if for a moment the earth from its axis tilts

There is catastrophe and confusion.


When the lovers in silence dance with the rhythm of the heart

And in ecstasy love life, there is mutuality and completion.


But, if a lover departs from the bonds of love,

There is misery and sorrow.


Poetry: Love Of So Very Few



I threw a pebble into the river

and watched the ripples reach its shore.

                The wave as small as a pebble

                                bigger and bigger it reached the shore.

I threw a sigh into the air

                and sing the song of love, hope and faith.

                The sigh as faint as breath

                                louder and louder it encompassed the earth.

 I sowed a seed on a fertile ground

                and let nature do its part.

                The seed as small as a pea

                                bigger and bolder it became a tree.

A decade or two is but a short time.

                The pebble is still on the river’s floor.

                The sigh is just a song to remember,

                                The seed is now a fruitful tree.

So is the great love of so very few

                Like a seed sown and nurtured to grow.

                Small it seemed at the very start,

                                Watch and wait to taste the tree of life.



A Time of Introspection

instrospectionPrelude Ensemble

Opening Welcome and  Prayer

Opening Hymns :

2.11 – Brethren, We Have Met To Worship

202 – The Creator of Life

159 – O Day of Rest and Gladness

The ten days starting with the Feast of Trumpets and ending with the Day of Atonement are commonly known as the Days of Awe or the Days of Repentance. This is the time when we truly need serious introspection, an examination of what we did, repent and ask for forgiveness. The word “teshuvah” is often translated as repentance or more accurately, to turn back to God. It is turning away from evil, turning toward the good.  It is possible that we can regret our actions- affecting the intellect, pride, regret that we were caught but not repent. The feeling of remorse that makes us feel disgusted, in pain and guilt over what we did, is the first step towards repentance. Repentance means acknowledging that we learn, understand, perceive that we are mistaken about violating the laws and will of God, that we are alienated from God. Our change of mind – if genuine – will lead to a change of heart. These are not just mere action but have to come deeply into the mind and soul. These should affect the whole life, redirecting a person’s destiny from destruction to being at one with God.

What is the difference between regret, remorse and repent?  Readers will give us examples of people in the bible.  Notice the situations:

Reader 1 – Examples of Regret

Gen. 25:29-34- Esau Sells His Birthright

Genesis 27:30-34- Esau’s regret for selling his birthright

I Sam 24:8-21-Saul’s Pursuit of David

I Sam 26:17-21-Saul pursuing David relentlessly

Reader 2 - Examples of Remorse One Leading to Death, and the other Leading to Repentance

Matt. 27:1-5-Judas hangs himself - Remorse

Matt 26:69-74 -Peter Denies Jesus, and Weeps Bitterly

Reader 3 - Examples of True Repentance

Job 42:1-6-Job’s Repentance and Restoration

2 Sam. 24:1-4, 10, 19, 25-David’s trust in numbers instead of God

Hebrews 12:16-17- Lest there be any fornicator, or profane person, as Esau, who for one morsel of meat sold his birthright. For ye know how that afterward, when he would have inherited the blessing, he was rejected: for he found no place of repentance, though he sought it carefully with tears.

Esau regretted having sold his birthright for a lentil soup.  Not only did he lose his birthright but blessings as well.  He cried bitterly for the loss but not repentant for taking light of his inheritance. After the death of Isaac, he even sought to kill his brother.

Saul regretted plotting against David. He asked for David’s forgiveness several times but still continued to pursue him. 

Judas, felt the guilt of betraying Jesus Christ, but was not enough to ask for forgiveness and change his ways.

Peter felt the guilt and wept bitterly.  He knew what pain it caused to betray the trust of His Savior. This led to his repentance.

David knew of his sins.  He asked for forgiveness and went out of his way to seek and please God.

Hymns  :               2.40 – Fools Have Said That There Is No God

                                100 – Wisdom Begins With The Fear of the Lord

What should we do in these days of introspection, leading to forgiveness of our sins?

1. Forsake the sin – sincere repentance is when one is being tempted over the same temptation experienced before and is resolutely resisted.

Reader 4 and 5 will read verses on forsaking sin

Reader 4

Prov. 28:13

Job 11:13-15

Isaiah 55:7

Ephesians 4:17-24

Reader 5

1 Pet 2:1-2, 11-12

Gen. 4:7

Psalm 39:1

Prov. 1:10

In order for a person to be forgiven of sin, he must confess that sin to the Lord. He has to own up to what he has done and agree with God about it, "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." (1 John 1:9) However, confession alone does not bring victory over any particular sin; it only brings forgiveness. In order to find victory over sin, there must also be a forsaking of that sin. Remember that forsake means "to leave in a destitute condition without any further care; it is the opposite of holding fast.

Hymns        :     182 – If We Love The Word of God

                                      2.1 -- Trust and Obey

The second way to true repentance is :


Poetry : You




a unique being,

                With a world of experience beyond compare,

                With a style of life formed at birth.


                a personality, a character

                with a destiny you alone can make,

                with a script to play in life’s stage.

If you are a performer,

                Then there must be a judge,

                Why then do you judge one another?

If you be a judge,

                Who then is the performer,

                What standard do you compare one to another?




I heard a voice

                Calling, calling, calling...

                Where art thou who will teach

                righteousness to the youth of today,

                The leaders of tomorrow?

Where art thou who will fill in the thirsty soul with knowledge of good,

The wisdom of the future?

Where art thou who will feed the hungry millions growing to be billions?

Who will heed the call?

                Will it be a voice in the wilderness?

                Will it be just a sound in the air,

And then an echo and then silence….?


 From Poems’s Dedication to the Almighty, Alpha & Omega of lIfe

Poetry: Great Art Thou



Great art thou who made my eyes to see

The wondrous works thou have designed for me—

--the kaleidoscopic sky at dawn

--the iridescent hues of the rainbow

--the impressive tail feathers of a peacock

--the artistic array of flowers

--the magnificent panorama of the sunset


Great art thou who made my ears to hear

The various sounds thou had created for me—

--the chirps of the birds on a tree

--the murmur of the brook rushing to the sea

--the roar of thunder on a stormy day

--the laughter of the children at play


Great art thou who made my hands to write

--what my eyes could see

--what my ears could hear

--what my mind could tell



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