Poetry: Great Art Thou



Great art thou who made my eyes to see

The wondrous works thou have designed for me—

--the kaleidoscopic sky at dawn

--the iridescent hues of the rainbow

--the impressive tail feathers of a peacock

--the artistic array of flowers

--the magnificent panorama of the sunset


Great art thou who made my ears to hear

The various sounds thou had created for me—

--the chirps of the birds on a tree

--the murmur of the brook rushing to the sea

--the roar of thunder on a stormy day

--the laughter of the children at play


Great art thou who made my hands to write

--what my eyes could see

--what my ears could hear

--what my mind could tell





From  microscopic cell I am into the world

whose foundations and beginnings were untold.

I am an exact replica of my Creator God

with a body and with a mind to develop

my inheritance is the earth and its threshold.


I looked at life and wonder

surely, there must be a reason

                                there must be a purpose for creation.

 I fathomed the unfathomable deep

                and studied the myriad creatures of the sea.

                                Behold! How magnificent and perfect are they.

I searched the unsearchable

                And stretched my sight to the heights

                                Behold! How awesome is the vast universe.

I traveled knowledge, understand and wisdom

                I owned silver, gold and diamonds

                                I gained glory and honor for a time.

Then, I ask, What is man? Why is life?

                After death, then what?

                When my Maker calls, Where do I stand?

                What would He say?   


From Poems’s Dedication to the Almighty, Alpha & Omega of lIfe

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