Poetry : You




a unique being,

                With a world of experience beyond compare,

                With a style of life formed at birth.


                a personality, a character

                with a destiny you alone can make,

                with a script to play in life’s stage.

If you are a performer,

                Then there must be a judge,

                Why then do you judge one another?

If you be a judge,

                Who then is the performer,

                What standard do you compare one to another?




I heard a voice

                Calling, calling, calling...

                Where art thou who will teach

                righteousness to the youth of today,

                The leaders of tomorrow?

Where art thou who will fill in the thirsty soul with knowledge of good,

The wisdom of the future?

Where art thou who will feed the hungry millions growing to be billions?

Who will heed the call?

                Will it be a voice in the wilderness?

                Will it be just a sound in the air,

And then an echo and then silence….?


 From Poems’s Dedication to the Almighty, Alpha & Omega of lIfe

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