Poetry: Love Of So Very Few



I threw a pebble into the river

and watched the ripples reach its shore.

                The wave as small as a pebble

                                bigger and bigger it reached the shore.

I threw a sigh into the air

                and sing the song of love, hope and faith.

                The sigh as faint as breath

                                louder and louder it encompassed the earth.

 I sowed a seed on a fertile ground

                and let nature do its part.

                The seed as small as a pea

                                bigger and bolder it became a tree.

A decade or two is but a short time.

                The pebble is still on the river’s floor.

                The sigh is just a song to remember,

                                The seed is now a fruitful tree.

So is the great love of so very few

                Like a seed sown and nurtured to grow.

                Small it seemed at the very start,

                                Watch and wait to taste the tree of life.




What is the greatest gift of all gifts?

                Is it wealth which offers security, prestige and power?

                Is it education which gives knowledge, acumen and wisdom?

                Is it love which makes man understands man?

Surely, man needs wealth

                For it is the staff of life.

                But does man live by bread alone?

Surely, man needs education

                For it gives essence to life.

                But does man live for life sake alone?

Surely, man needs to love and be loved

                For love is deep concern for the neighbors good,

                For love is gentle, kind and merciful

                But does man know this kind of love?

Of the three, love is the greatest

                For love endures forever,

                But wealth is earned and shall be spent

                But education is learned and shall perish.

Love is the greatest gift of God to man.

                Love is the greatest gift of man to God.

                Love is the greatest gift of man to man.


From Poems’s Dedication to the Almighty, Alpha & Omega of lIfe

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