Thee, My Beloved

flower-butterfly XI



Why does one brave the biting colds of the night,

                the pangs of loneliness, and bear self-imprisonment?

It is because after the cold night comes the warmth of the day,

                after the pains of loneliness comes joy,

                after   imprisonment, freedom?

Or is it because in faith and hope there is patience,

                in patience, endurance, and

                in endurance, there is triumph?

Beloved, because of Thee, my existence has meaning,

Through Thee I have learned that love is giving, sharing joys

                and dividing sorrows; and not getting, not possessing,

                not self-centered;

Through Thee I have seen the beauty of creation

                as I viewed reality on top of a hill,

                the lake so calm and serene,

                the massive and grand mountains,

                the evergreen fields and the wide plains

                as I strolled among the flowers;

                as I travelled with a friend;

                as I watched the morning sunrise;

                as I waited for the golden sunset.

Through Thee I have a song to sing, a story to tell.

Through Thee I have known the full meaning of LOVE and LIFE.

Beloved, my love for Thee will never end for love transcends

                life, for thou art infinite,

                my love for Thee is pure and clean, honest and sincere,

                for Thou have loved me first and cuddled me.

Beloved, my waiting for Thee is not in vain

                for Thou have given me Thy word and Thy promise

                to make Thy bride in Thy Kingdom of Love.

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