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The Fifth Commandment: “Honor Your Father and Your Mother...”

honor_your_parentsOne of several perceptive hints in our picturesque Tagalog is that we use the word ugat for both ‘vein’ and ‘root,’ as observed by Raul de Asis-Hipe during the Sabbath message of May 1, 2010. In the quest for continuity, geneticists are now excited by the possibilities that come from isolating building blocks of human life such as embryonic or even amniotic stem cells, anticipating that its ability to self-renew will enable them to regenerate new cells, mend tissue damage, restore healthy blood and bone marrow, open the ears of the deaf and the eyes of the blind, make the body good as new...

Yet the very same roots our Almighty Creator commanded us to honor so we could have the kind of long life worth having, are slipping from our grasp. The more we race for youth and longevity, the more the younger workforce is forced to toil 24/7, relegates our parents to functionaries, valued only for their economic utility, slaves to their children, set aside as “non-performing assets” at a certain age, each generation a vile antithesis of the fifth commandment, wrinklier and sicker...

“Honor your father and your mother...” Exodus 20:12a, NKJV

Could there be any particular reason why the LORD God turns our attention to parents immediately after the first four commandments? How does honoring our parents affect our being, the relationships we have and our view of life? What exactly about parents is most essential that we honor? How scathing is the condemnation of our Elder Brother Jesus Christ for those who help others or even give to the church at the expense of neglecting their parents? In what way does honoring our parents help years before a cuddly baby turns into a sulky teenager? Who is responsible for teaching sons and daughters how to honor parents? Is there any letup for parents’ effort to ensure their sons and daughters learn what often seems impossible to teach?

Does honoring our parents carry significant consequences for our destiny?

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