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Thorns / "Tinik"

thorns02What can possibly strangle the life out of someone who is working to “bear much fruit” after he comes to know the Word of God and strives to “walk in the Spirit”?

During the Sabbath message of May 15, on the count-up to Pentecost, Raul de Asis-Hipe stripped the bark off the wildly prolific species of THORNS, which the Eternal God constantly warned about. As old as the land and thriving in the lives of all of us who are looking the other way.

Far from being an occasional prick, thorns were a constant pain in the neck of landkeepers in Israel, who had to uproot and burn the lot. Only a lazy man would dare relax for long before his fields were overrun by these unproductive invaders.

Even the tirelessly working apostle Paul who brought the good news of the kingdom of God to the known world* found rebellious, corrupt, oppositors of God to be more of a thorn in the flesh than the headaches and eye trouble he hinted at in his letters to the churches...

“Do not be afraid of their words, or be dismayed by their looks, for they are a rebellious house...”Ezekiel 2:6

What threat do thorns have on our spiritual journey? CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW to listen to the podcast or download the mp3 file to find out how we can identify creeping signs of its presence... When are we in danger of becoming one? What possibilities open up when we untangle ourselves from the clutches of thorns?


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