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Breaking Down Our Walls

breaking down walls (photo from National Library of Scotland, via Flickr Commons)

With man’s habitations adding more detachment while marking territory, Arnold John Miguel observed its consequences in a Sabbath message on December 4, after two years overseas work. As people reinforce their houses with thick fences, high walls with security details, alarms, so have we done with our lives. “Like the walls of Jericho so many spiritual barriers to be broken down. Suspicion, mistrust, barriers of race, class, gender. Even among brethren, invisible barriers can form in record time, blocking sympathy, endorsing compassion fatigue, closing our hearts against our fellowmen, helping nothing toward bringing the gospel of the kingdom of God to others...”

Yet even when walls look impregnable, the LORD God has revealed a way for us to break down those walls. And for those who do, what an astonishing sound it could make of our lives!

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