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Songs from Mark Graham’s Hymnal

songs from Mark Graham's hymnalBefore the Day of Pentecost comes, we’re sharing with you four songs from Mark Graham’s hymnal, accompanied by mp3 files (seq. Anna Cardona). Just click on the song titles to download... 

The Mountain of the LORD
Lyrics & Music: Mark Graham, from Micah 4:1-5

In the last days it shall come to pass
That the mountain of the house of the Lord
Shall be lifted o'er the other hills,
And the nations will come and say:


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Songs For the Family of God

Songs For The Family of God"We all know doubts and fears, life is full of toil and tears. Still we’re told, Have no cares, God will see us through...” Reassuring at-home-ness is distinctive in a Mark Graham hymn. As we sing them before our Loving Father, even the lyrics feel like friends and family. In 2005, the first time we sent him a hymn we polished from a draft of Ralph Hipe, who was then 7, Mr. Graham replied immediately, saying what it lacked in sophistication, it made up for in directness and joy. He inspired us to keep doing what we thought we couldn't.
Now it is 2008. And this life being the test-ridden journey that it is, the workdays and months before the Passover were eaten up by tasks following a major move. But in the absence of normalcy, Ralph's mother Vivian Hipe kept searching and saving music files, even inquiring of Mr. Graham if they could purchase a copy of the hymnal he had published several years ago.
Guess what? Mark Graham sent them a hymnal as a gift! Now we have a copy of Songs for the Family of God, a lovingly-nurtured fruit borne of God's Spirit in the heart of one of the master composers in the history of the Church...
We hope that we can eventually share with you something which the craftsman himself wishes to share with the Family of God, true to the Master of the Universe from whom every good gift comes... (Several of these hymns have of course been available on cgmusic.com all these years... :)
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