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The Origin and Truth Behind Halloween

Every year, millions of children throughout the world celebrate the custom of Halloween. During this celebration, they dress up in costumes, parade through neighborhoods knocking on doors, and declare the words "trick or treat," expecting to receive candy or some sort of gift. But is Halloween something Christians should celebrate? Is this the kind of festival Jesus Christ would want us to observe...? Click on the link to read or download: The Origin and Truth Behind Halloween

The Bible and Homosexuality

bible-homoOnly a few decades ago, etiquette precluded the subject of homosexuality from polite conversation. Most parents chose to protect their young children from exposure to such discussion. Today it is unavoidable. The “gay” movement has succeeded in forcing the issue into every aspect of the media, not the least of which has been the news media. The dogma of political correctness has cowered Middle America into ambivalence and silence... Please click on the link to read or download The Bible and Homosexuality

The Real Mystery of the Tabernacle and the Ark


People have long been intrigued by the question of where the ark of the covenant might be located. The "Biblical Mysteries'' special, Graham Hancock's book The Sign and the Seal, and the movie "Raiders of the Lost Ark'' are all indicators of our continuing fascination with the ark. The recovery of the gold-covered ark, which contained the stone tablets of God's covenant with Israel (Ex 25:21; 40:20; Heb. 9:4), would truly be a sensational discovery. Of infinitely greater value, however, are the spiritual lessons conveyed to us through the symbolism of the ark. In this article, we will turn to the Scriptures to see that the ark has much to teach us about God's nature, promises and purpose. Click on the link to read The Real Mystery of the Tabernacle and the Ark

The Search for the Twelve Apostles


What follows in this book is that which can be known from an exhaustive and critical study of the Biblical, historical and traditional records of the Apostles. The author has tried to reduce the legendary to the probable or likely, justifying it with the known historical facts concerning the state of the world in the first century and the documents of subsequent church history, local history, and relevant secular writings. There is a great deal more information about the Apostles available than the casual student might guess. Click on the link for free study The Search for the Twelve Apostles

Is the Secret Rapture the Next Prophesied Event?


For years, network news media have questioned various religious leaders who had confidently predicted the "rapture" on a given date. Recently, one such would-be prophet was required to change his earlier book title about the "Rapture of 1988" to the "Rapture of 1989," going into all manner of apologetic detail on why he had misfigured his chronology by one year. I haven't heard from him in 1990, '91, ’92 and so on. Millions believe in the rapture. Yet, the word is nowhere in the Bible. Is Christ going to come in "two phases": first, for His saints (in the "secret rapture"), then with His saints, years later? Here is what your Bible plainly says about what many call "that blessed hope," the doctrine of the rapture of the saints. Click on the link/title to read Is the Secret Rapture the Next Prophesied Event?

Is the Earth 6000 Years Old?


Is the earth 6,000 years old? The answer to this question has caused a seismic divide between Christians and the modern scientific community. Both sides think that there is no possible way of reconciling their respective differences on this question. Additionally, scientists have heard so many Christians assert that the Bible teaches the earth is only 6,000 years old that they reject the Bible as unscientific because of that Christian assertion. Who is right? The answer may surprise you. I believe that each side has a lot of truth on its side, but they have been in disagreement because of a misunderstanding about what the Bible actually says on this subject. Click on the link to read for your personal study Is the Earth 6000 Years Old?

The Resurrection Was Not On Sunday


Was Jesus three days and three nights in the grave, as He said in Matthew 12:40? Can you figure three days and three nights between sunset "Good Friday" and sunrise Easter Sunday? It is commonly supposed, today, Jesus was crucified on FRIDAY, and that the resurrection occurred about sunrise on Easter Sunday morning. It would seem that no one, until recently, ever thought to question or to PROVE this "Good Friday Easter" tradition. Yet the Bible tells us to PROVE all things. And you will be literally astounded by this proof.. Click on the link/title to read or download The Resurrection Was Not On Sunday

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