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“I Will Be Still and Know You Are GOD...”

“I Will Be Still and Know You Are GOD...” – (video) It would be easy to understand if Ralph Hipe wanted some slack, having much on his plate at 13, packing up with his family to move house while graduating from grade school and taking entrance exams. But instead of slowing down, he followed through with something he wanted to learn, taking basic instruction from his younger sister Arielle, observing how ate Mia played the hymns, and behold, found the heart to offer Sabbath music with the guitar, and at the keyboard...

Handling Saturday-Scheduled Entrance Exams

Entrance Exams (video) - Scouting for the right high school to enrol in, Ralph Hipe and his parents Raul & Vivian found most entrance exams scheduled on a Sabbath. Seeking to follow God's Word, how did Ralph face up to the test?

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